Raspberry Doppelbock

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Raspberry Doppelbock

Post by oceanic_brew » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:17 pm

While on a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland we stumbled upon a Mikkeller bar. I had never heard of Mikkeller at the time but I was totally blown away by the beer selection inside.

One particular beer had was a Raspberry Tripplebock. I had been working on a doppelbock and thought that raspberries really brought something interesting to the style.

After coming back to Halifax and brewing nearly a dozen batches finally Stillwell gets it on tap and I realize I've gone down a completely different road with mine. Mine is a little more true to style, although a little more toasty with some residual sweetness where there's, although 4% ABV higher, finished a little dry, surprisingly and I don't find you get the malt characteristics in there's that I enjoy in a bock.

OG: 1.067 FG 1.015 ABV 6.6 IBU:22

7 Gallon Batch

12 lbs Munich
4 lbs Pilsner
.5 lbs C120
.5 lbs Carafa III
.3 lbs Chocolate Malt
1 lb D-180 Belgian candy syrup
3 lbs Raspberry (Costco was the cheapest)

Yeast: Wyeast 2206 or Mangrove Jack Bavarian Lager
Note: I pitch between 500 to 800 billion cells for this beer depending on how much time I have to build starters.

Fermentation Schedule: Quick Lager Method

11c - until reaches 50% attenuation (usually 4-7 days)

Ramp Temp up 1deg every 12 hrs until hitting 19c hold there for 3 days

Slowly ramp back down to 11c and hold there for 21 days

Transfer to secondary on 3 lbs of pasteurized raspberry and let it ferment out for a week. Then bottle/keg

Water: Lake Major
Finished water profile
Calcium : 51
Magnesium: 11
Sodium: 33
Sulfate: 72
Chloride: 56
Bicarbonate: 111

Target Mash PH : 5.3

Water note: I use chalk to bring the bicarbonate up. I've been following the writings of Martin and AJ over at HBT and apparently you can't get chalk to dissolve well without flushing co2 through it under pressure. It's also not necessary to brew this beer with any appreciable bicarbonate level. I haven't brewed this beer without it so it's staying for now.

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