Welcome – Home of the Brewnosers


We are a group of Atlantic Canadian (and friends afield) homebrewers, beer enthusiasts, and aficionados (heck, let’s just admit it, we are beer geeks). From first timers, to award winners, and commercial brewers, or just those who drink the fruits of others labours, we welcome everyone to join. We hold monthly meetings to share homebrews and interesting commercial beers, and host special events such as the annual Hoptoberfest and MOOvember. Members can often be observed in their natural environment – enjoying a pint at a pub where good beer is served. In Halifax, that will usually be one of the the local brewpubs and bars: Gahan House, Rockbottom Brewpub, or Stillwell Beer Bar, Stubborn Goat, and Tom’s Little Havana. Elsewhere in Atlantic Canada, our members can be found at the Paddys Irish Brewpub, Gahan House, Marky’s Laundromat, The King Street Alehouse, Upstreet, or any other good beer bar. We enjoy the work, and advice, of our honourary resident Master Brewer, Greg Nash, whose advice will pop up in our forum from time to time. If you live in the Atlantic Provinces, and would love to talk beer, brewing, or just chat, come join us! If your friends consider you to be a beer snob because you just don’t like Keith’s Dark or Coors Lite, you’ll fit right in.
Between meetings, our club discussion takes place on the forums, so be sure to sign up, and participate!
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